Taymaz Gida company started operating as a Food Processing Machinery from 1986 in the field of tomato paste production lines. We have become one of the largest and qualified manufacturers of tomato paste and fruit puree machines by operating in the field of tomato paste production and packaging line, tomato paste plants machines for about forty
Today, we create tomato paste and fruit puree production and packaging lines with different capacities from 50 tons to 1,200 tons per day for our customers and investors, in this process, we improve our production by using the latest technologies combined in the field of food processing machinery. In addition, our company, which has managed to localize the latest technology in food processing machines, has become one of the best machines producers in the Middle East. Therefore, we could get golden award for quality and business prestige in German. The plants are exported to some countries such as Kazakhstan, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.
we expanded our investments and produced new machines such as mono block aseptic with the new technology of Italy. The company always updated the technology by the cooperating with Italian engineers, so we can provide our customers the best quality machines in middle east.